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Kiran Gupta

I worked with Jen when I was at a real crossroads in my life – when a bump at work made me reassess everything, including the country I was living in. In just 3 sessions I had decided to move, how I was going to do it, and importantly, why. Jen was incredibly empowering. She made me realize that all the things I wanted in life could be reached for and probably attained, and that I had all the resources to do it. I just needed the guts and the determination. The best coaches in my opinion are those that hold the mirror up; those that make sure that you see both what is there, and what is there but that you are not seeing. I’m so grateful for Jen for doing this so elegantly with me.

Kiran Gupta
INGO Fundraising/Philanthropy Manager
Conversation Logo

Truly loved working with you. You were friendly, supportive, non-judgmental and full of positive energy. No matter what I said (following months of built-up emotion and resentment!), you never once judged me for feeling a particular way; you just let me feel it and then encouraged me to let it go and let something more positive in. Such a positive and transformative experience – I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Head of Team, Charity
Charity sector
Sally Wrench

I would highly recommend Jen!
She helped me work through some complex questions with the perfect-for-me mix of empathy and humour, and shared valuable tools and techniques that have boosted my confidence and skills. Sessions were thoughtful, creative and inspiring, and I always left feeling energised and optimistic.
This was my first experience of coaching and before we started I was honestly a bit sceptical, but working with Jen has enabled me to achieve far more than I thought I could.

Sally Wrench
Strategic Communications and Global Brand Manager
Jude Sadler
Jen’s coaching has particularly helped me understand my management and leadership style and have the confidence to stay true to it. She’s also supported me in making difficult decisions and her coaching enables me to come up with practical steps to overcome challenges.
Jude Sadler
Head of Research and Project Information, Action Aid
Michael Mapstone Head Shot

Working with Jen is a pleasure. She’s very responsive in the planning stages and confident and capable facilitating a room full of diverse colleagues. She recently ran a team coaching day for my globally dispersed team who had only just met, focusing on agreeing effective ways of working together. She got great results in a short space of time. Jen’s instantly likeable and great at what she does. Couldn’t recommend her highly enough!

Michael Mapstone
Director of International, Charities Aid Foundation

One of the areas I was struggling with was with my confidence and personal presence. My manager put me in touch with Jen and we agreed to undergo 6 coaching sessions. Jen helped me to take ownership of my own leadership style and we carried out a number of exercises to help me understand my motivators and drivers. I have come to understand my strengths and how to best use these to support my team, and Jen also helped me understand my weaknesses- meaning I can recognise what will require more of my energy and make sure I allocate my time better. I would recommend Jen to anyone who is looking for ways they can better understand themselves, improve their confidence and raise their profile at work.  She is a fantastic coach.

Jane Whitebury
Head of Supporter Engagement, The Children’s Society
Bob Hughes Headshot

Working with Jen is always a combination of fun and purpose. I find we achieve a lot, and yet time flies as we’re also enjoying working together, co-creating solutions and turning ideas into action. Jen achieves this through strengths in both her mind set and her skill set – and I admire leaders who have, and know how to apply, both. As  a coach, Jen gives clients the chance to think and also encourages them to act, and flexes her style depending on her client. A pleasure to work with , and someone I’d endorse strongly.

Bob Hughes
CEO, The Forton Group
Fiona Magor

I’d never had any kind of coaching before, and am not someone who likes talking about myself. But Jen worked wonders just by helping me work through the things I knew or sort-of knew already, and working out solutions that suit me. I now have my own ways to help me prepare for work situations I would normally feel out-of-my-depth in, like senior meetings and public speaking at events. I know these will never be the easiest thing for me to do, or the bits I enjoy the most, but I know I can do them.

Fiona Magor
Supporter Engagement and Legacies Manager, VSO
Jenny Fernando

I have turned to Jen at various points in my career and she has always responded with unwavering support delivered in a way that has enabled me to help myself and become a much more resilient professional.

Jenny Fernando
Director of Finance & Resources, Breast Cancer Care
Brendan Walsh Headshot

Jennifer balances perfectly a friendliness which puts everyone at ease with a focus on the task at hand which ensures things get done.

Brendan Walsh
Managing Director, Bowland Solutions


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