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I have appreciated your style very much Jen.. you come across as down to earth, not taking yourself or life too seriously, yet offering a very robust process to your coachees.

Luca Turconi
Senior Learning & Organisational Development Advisor, British Red Cross
Sophie Randles-Dunkley

Jen’s coaching has made me feel strong and in control of my life in a way I’ve never have before. It amazes me how by asking just a few careful questions she’s enabled me to find complete clarity over what it is I need, what it is I need to do next. I’ve had the confidence to take some big steps, and in a way that has felt right for me and the people around me. If you’re feeling stuck I can’t recommend Jen’s coaching highly enough.

Sophie Randles-Dunkley
Head of Supporter Experience & Fundraising Relationships, Royal British Legion
Frazzled Leader Calm Logo

My sessions with Jen have been nothing short of amazing. Before each session I begin feeling like I have a huge mountain to climb but at the end I come out with a clear map and a way around the mountain that feels much easier to navigate. From channelling my inner super hero to learning about EFT there are so many things that Jen has taught me that I can now keep in my coaching toolkit to help me prepare for those difficult conversations or meetings. Jen is the coaching superhero you didn’t know you needed until now, she can help you recognise and unleash your very own set of superhero skills so you can be prepared for whatever the world of work may throw at you!

Head of Marketing
Conversation Logo

I was extremely nervous about starting coaching, after my 1st session Jen made me feel completely at ease, then I looked forward to every session, I always came away from them feeling positive and equipped with strategies that I could put into practice. Not only did Jen help me build my confidence within my job role, I also used some of our strategies to help improve my overall wellbeing personally. I would recommend Jen as she was amazing and inspirational.

1:1 Coaching Client
Conversation Logo

Jen was recommended to me by my manager when I was feeling overwhelmed in areas of my work. Jen was a fantastic coach; flexing between coaching and EFT to help me unlock and work through the challenges I was facing. After a couple of sessions, I was able to walk away with new tools and perspectives. I would recommend Jen to anyone who would like to proactively change the way they tackle challenges, in a supportive and friendly environment.

Trusts & Foundations Manager
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Jen has an amazing ability to be able to shape sessions in just the way you need- creating the right space and conversation to get to the point, and bringing you back to what you want to do, can do to improve and achieve what you want. For me, this has often been about my emotions and feelings about myself in the workplace, and I’ve really appreciated the balance between exploring and challenging where those emotions weren’t helping and also helping me with real things I know I can do to build my confidence and focus on the real pleasure I get from my job.

Head of department in the public sector
Testimonial Icon

Accessing coaching and working with Jen on return to work after my second maternity leave has been one of the best decisions I have made in my career to date. I now feel well equipped to deal with whatever challenge comes my way and having several useful tools at hand has increased my confidence significantly. I have learnt so much and look forward to new challenges where I can put my knowledge to the test.

Director in the healthcare sector
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Truly loved working with you. You were friendly, supportive, non-judgmental and full of positive energy. No matter what I said (following months of built-up emotion and resentment!), you never once judged me for feeling a particular way; you just let me feel it and then encouraged me to let it go and let something more positive in. Such a positive and transformative experience – I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Head of Team, Charity
Charity sector
Sally Wrench

I would highly recommend Jen!
She helped me work through some complex questions with the perfect-for-me mix of empathy and humour, and shared valuable tools and techniques that have boosted my confidence and skills. Sessions were thoughtful, creative and inspiring, and I always left feeling energised and optimistic.
This was my first experience of coaching and before we started I was honestly a bit sceptical, but working with Jen has enabled me to achieve far more than I thought I could.

Sally Wrench
Strategic Communications and Global Brand Manager
Jude Sadler
Jen’s coaching has particularly helped me understand my management and leadership style and have the confidence to stay true to it. She’s also supported me in making difficult decisions and her coaching enables me to come up with practical steps to overcome challenges.
Jude Sadler
Head of Research and Project Information, Action Aid


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