Welcome to From Frazzled Boss to Inspiring Leader: The Essential Toolkit – a 4 month programme of support, packed full of tools & insight to help you create more creativity and calm in your day, and delivered by me, Jennifer McCanna – Leadership Coach.

You’re a talented manager, and in pre-covid times work felt different – it was easier to build relationships, but these days – well, there’s been times over the past two years where the pressure has reached new levels. You’re tired. Your team are tired. And one or more of the following is probably happening?

  • Some of your colleagues seem disengaged and there’s more friction with other teams than there used to be.
  • Hybrid/remote working can be tiring especially if you’re someone who gets their energy from human interaction (and especially if you do a long commute just to end up on wall-to-wall Teams calls)
  • You try and create good work boundaries (because -you know – #selfcare) but find yourself logging on at 8pm to answer emails when you should be chilling out on the sofa, going on a run or making time for friends & family.
  • Self doubt is creeping in: you are working hard on those tricky relationships but it’s so hard, sometimes you secretly think about jacking it all in and escaping to a house on the beach.

You’re a talented professional. But your experience of being a manager in the 2023 world of work is not a walk in the park.

You need a way of refuelling your tank. But not just that, you want to find ways of managing work and work relationships that take away some of the stress. But it’s not just about the work you to do stay energised and well outside work (though that’s important too!) We want to address that worry or overwhelm that creeps back in when you log back on again. From Frazzled Boss to Inspiring Leader: The Essential Toolkit will provide you with practical approaches which will have a dramatic impact, which you can put in place straightaway.

Previous participants report:

  • Conversations with tricky team members transformed just from making a few tweaks to their approach
  • Increased confidence in influencing senior stakeholders  – understanding how to position your ask so it lands
  • More space to think and be creative
  • Tools to support calm no matter what challenges come their way

The Essential Toolkit is an introduction to, and chance to practice, some core leadership skills and approaches such as coaching and influencing. It will give you that small window of space to understand yourself and what you need, and some of my favourite tools to help you go out and get that.  It is designed to be as affordable as possible at just £495 for 4 months of support. (Charity discount and payment plans available.)

*NB if you want to go into depth on the challenges that are unique to your circumstances, experience and background, and you’d like tailored support that’s bespoke to you, then this isn’t that! What you’re after is 1-1 coaching, which you can read all about right here.

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  • 5 x 90 minute online workshops place approximately every 3 weeks, jam packed full of practical coaching exercises, inspiration and connection with fellow leaders & managers going through similar stuff. You’ll gain new insight and get a chance to practice your coaching and listening skills with each other (don’t worry – nothing scary and no role plays here!)
  • Five short video-based modules in bite size chunks, so you learn the theory in an engaging way at a time that suits you.
  • Plus suggestions for further reading if you’re feeling keen!
  • Optional homework to accelerate your learning, including fun coaching exercises to reflect upon.
  • Access to a private group on social media so we can support each other along the way, and where I’ll regularly go Live to answer questions.
  • A 30 minute call with me at the end of the programme for you to use how you want – coaching on a tactical issue? To deepen your understanding of the content that felt most relevant to you? It’s amazing how much we get done in 30 minutes!

You will leave feeling motivated, supported and energised, with a tool kit full of approaches you can use to inspire your team, and motivate yourself.

You’ll also have had time to practice these approaches – your confidence & resilience as a leader will soar. The only way is up!



From Frazzled Boss to Inspiring Leader: The Essential Toolkit is available for £495 (with 10% discount if you work for a not for profit organisation, and a 3-month payment plan if you’re paying for yourself).

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In the online modules I will lead you through my 5 step framework to focus on skills and approaches you can put into practice right away.

  1. Creative. We’ll start by exploring the neuroscience behind creating a positive work environment and how you can unlock your creativity and that of your team.
  2. Coach. It’s not always appropriate to coach but if you want to empower your team to come up with their own solutions, freeing up your time to be creative and strategic, coaching skills are essential.
  3. Confident. Discover what makes a high performing team and how to choose the right approach for each of your team members so you have a positive conversation.
  4. Calm. Learn how to prepare to have those difficult conversations about performance or behaviour, and create your own plan for staying calm in the moment, even when emotions are running high.
  5. Communicator. Great leadership starts with self-awareness so we’ll use the Emotions & Behaviours model to start looking at what drives you at work, and what drives your team members and senior stakeholders. That way, you can choose to communicate in a way that will be heard.


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The five live sessions will combine practical tools with inspiring content and connection. I’ll combine coaching exercises, small group conversation, chance to practice your skills, and space for you to plan for and commit to actions that will de-frazzle your days. This is what we’ll focus on:

  • Session 1: Workload management and how to create and achieve a vision
  • Session 2: Boosting your listening and questioning skills so you can coach effectively whilst we focus on your values and strengths as a leader.
  • Session 3: Shift that inner critic who gets in the way of you being that confident, calm leader. Leave with increased self belief and some tools to manage the stress in the moment including an introduction to emotional freedom technique (EFT or tapping)
  • Session 4: Let’s double down on difficult conversations and how to stay out of the drama
  • Session 5: Focusing on your communication style via the Emotions & Behaviours at Work model, and using it to influence like a pro.

I’ll be sharing a wealth of tools so you can focus on the specific parts of your job you find frazzling. You’ll leave feel listened to, calm and ready for anything.

All live sessions will take place 1230-2pm UK time. If you need to miss a session, the key parts will be recorded and uploaded to the online module portal for you to listen and reflect when works for you.


From Frazzled Boss to Inspiring Leader: The Essential Toolkit is available for £495 (with 10% discount if you work for a not for profit organisation, and a 3-month payment plan if you’re paying for yourself).

Neil Kirkman

I love the bite-sized video based approach to the Inspiring Leaders programme. I can fit the learning into my busy schedule and it allows me to try things out between our group calls. Talking through my leadership challenges with the other members has been so beneficial – much more than I anticipated.

Leader of Technology Strategy, Financial Services
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Joining this course is one of the best things I have ever done. It has allowed me to explore leadership challenges in a safe space with like-minded managers and find ways to overcome these issues together and then take back to the ‘remote’ office a clear vision forward for both myself and my team. Having access to Jen and the wonderful resources and videos throughout the course enables you to have the best of both worlds in terms of theory and the ‘why’, along with the practical skills of ‘doing’ the coaching. For any manager that needs to hit the reset button and get back on track again this course is a must.

Marketing Manager, Healthcare sector
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Jen's programme was a great first entry into the world of coaching for me. It really taught me to ensure I carve time out for myself to ensure I can refill my tank and be there for my team. I didn't think I would pick up as many useful tricks and tips as I did, and I look forward to putting many in action as the year progresses!

Inspiring Leader
Summer 2021 cohort
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