Returning to work after parental leave

I’ve returned to work after maternity leave twice. I understand the challenge of creating a work life that supports your family life, the dip in confidence that comes from time away and the natural reassessment of your values and what’s important. 

I work with clients as they navigate return from maternity, paternity or adoption leave for the first, second or fifth time! All of them are dealing with the juggling act of being a parent alongside all the usual work challenges – managing work relationships, making difficult decisions, thinking about the next career move –  that might come up in leadership coaching conversations.

Through 1-1 coaching over 6 months, we’ll create some objectives for our time together based on your specific situation and challenges.  I’ll be there in my capacity as coach and EFT practitioner to help you process the emotional rollercoaster that is parenthood and navigating big change, helping you feel calmer and in control. You’ll come away with a toolkit to support you emotionally and practically in your life as a leader and as a working parent.  Having the space to put everything down and just focus on you and what you need and want, is gold dust and will help you thrive, rather than simply survive. 




A 1-1 coaching package over 6 months, ideally to start before, or shortly after your return to work, including Emotions & Behaviours at Work diagnostic, three-way conversation with your internal sponsor if you’d like, plus access to my leadership development modules From Frazzled Boss to Inspiring Leader OR my Career Compass programme, depending on which best suits your needs.

£3000 plus VAT (£1,800 plus VAT for not for profits)

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Accessing coaching and working with Jen on return to work after my second maternity leave has been one of the best decisions I have made in my career to date. I now feel well equipped to deal with whatever challenge comes my way and having several useful tools at hand has increased my confidence significantly. I have learnt so much and look forward to new challenges where I can put my knowledge to the test.
Director in the healthcare sector
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It has been overwhelmingly worthwhile, helping me over one of the most difficult points of my career. I really liked your practical approach; using the more ‘pure’ coaching techniques, alongside useful and helpful strategies – including sharing a contact with me which directly supported me and increased my knowledge of the career path I have now taken. It felt like I was genuinely listened to and my concerns and my inner voice were taken very seriously, but at the same time positively challenged, enabling me to find a new perspective.
Lisa Reed
Combining freelancing with study for an MSc in social work
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Jen is really approachable and friendly and made me feel at ease straight away. Talking about your career and your successes/failures/weaknesses can make you feel quite vulnerable and I felt happy to talk all these things through with Jen.  She was excellent at making me reflect on what I had achieved to help develop my confidence and also gave me clear tangible next step actions to help develop my work readiness for a future job.
Sam Killick


A 4 week self-study course which includes all the most powerful career coaching exercises I’ve used with clients over the last decade. You’ll explore your passions, skills, strengths, and values.

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How my 1:1 coaching client, Lucy, returned to work after being away for a period of time. Here is a case study where I coached Lucy in supporting her with her return to work.

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Containing five powerful coaching exercises which will transform your work relationships and keep you motivated!

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