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Find a wealth of resouces here, from a check list to help you prepare to give feedback at work to articles to help you think differently about your work relationships and how you can navigate your work (and non-work!) life…

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Three things that help create balance

Of course, this is a silly blog title isn’t isn’t it, because actually there’s an infinite number of things you […]

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5 ways to boost confidence in a hybrid world

Two really lazy things I have, on occasion, heard from the mouths of leaders: I dislike these as throwaway statements […]

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What often happens when you address poor performance…

Have you ever summoned up the courage to broach an issue with a team member’s behaviour, or performance, only to […]

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Act like a director (whether you are one or not!)

I’ve been having lots of conversations recently with clients who are newly in director roles or interviewing for posts at […]

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Are you getting the right kind of rest?

Are you getting enough sleep but you’re still tired? Do you want the world to stop for a bit so […]

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How to work at Home when you’re Not Alone

The question on many peoples’ lips right now is: How am I supposed to home school, hold down a job […]

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Is 2019 the year for a mindset shift?

Many of my clients are achievers. They enjoy being good at stuff and being in control of their lives. They […]

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This is my dance space, this is your dance space

What does coaching have in common with classic 80s movies? There are some amazing lessons in 80s  teen movies: not […]

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Have you reached peak change?

‘The only thing that is constant is change’, said Hericlitus, the Greek philosopher. Two thousand years later, post financial crisis, […]

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