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Download this 30 minute career coaching webinar in which I take you through a thought-provoking exercise to help you identify what kind of work culture you will thrive in. You’ll leave with a powerful set of questions you can use to find that work place, by asking your networks, or even during a job interview.

Career Transition Coaching

Are you in a role that no longer makes you happy? Maybe your career worked for you pre-pandemic, but the added stress means it doesn’t any more. Or maybe the idea of a change has been brewing for a while.

Maybe your team is facing restructure and you know that this is a good time to reevaluate what you want.

But the idea of making a change can feel scary. Is it worth the investment? Do I have the energy? Will I be able to earn as much? Is it too late?

And here you are, reading about career coaching, and that tells me you may be ready to grab change with both hands!

I’ve been coaching professionals through career transition for over a decade and I know that sometimes a course of 3, 6 or more coaching sessions is needed, and wanted, especially if you want that longer term support and accountability and you know that what you want to work on needs more of an investment of your time and energy.

And sometimes you are stuck on a particular piece of the jigsaw, or you want help with a tactical issue such as preparing for an interview or big meeting, and in those cases one session may be all it takes to unstick you, help you find your confidence booster or come up with a plan.

Or maybe you’re at the start of your career transition journey and you want a cost effective way of working through a series of reflections and exercises to help you work out what you want.

And that is why I’ve pulled together these three options. I hope one of them works for you (and if they don’t I’m happy to recommend other career coaches who may be a better fit!)

The Career Compass

A 4 week self-study course which includes all the most powerful career coaching exercises I’ve used with clients over the last decade. You’ll explore your passions, skills, strengths, values and even start working on overcoming those beliefs you’ve got which might be holding you back. It includes top notch CV tips and templates provided by Suzie at CV Bee. 

Read more & sign up here.

Bookable £99 1 hour Coaching Sessions

If it’s a tactical issue you want coaching support on, and you think one session will get you going on the right foot, then you can book a one off session with me here. Some clients choose to do The Career Compass and then book a 1 hour session if they think they need it, once they’ve worked though the course.

Redundancy Coaching Support

If your employer is funding career transition coaching for you as part of a package of support to support you through a change e.g. following restructure or redundancy, then my leadership coaching packages prices apply. I’m happy to create a package for you based on £300 per 90 minute session (or £240 for charities and not for profit.) This includes a diagnostic of your choice – the Emotions & Behaviours at Work report or DISC personality profile.

If you’d like to discuss a package like this, drop me an email to and let’s have a chat!

Reviews for The Career Compass

I would highly recommend The Career Compass to anyone thinking about a career or job change. The course does not require too much time to complete, but equally it goes into enough detail to make it meaningful. Jen explains all the exercises really clearly and guides you every step of the way. I feel so much clearer now about my own skills and values which will help to influence me with regards to my next career move. Thank you Jen!

Gemma Shaw

Reviews for The Career Compass

I got in touch with Jennifer when I was at a crossroads in my career, having just left a position that I had been in for the last 11 years (most of my professional life!). The Career Compass was great in providing a framework for thinking about my next steps and choosing which roles to pursue; teasing out my values, strengths and things that are important to me.

Adam Rollitt

Working with Jen was like pressing the reset button on my professional confidence. During our first conversation she cut right to the heart of what I was getting at. I felt stuck. I knew I wanted a bigger challenge, but I had been trying for years to decide whether to change career, and in my indecision had grown into a rut of low confidence. I’d lost sight of the more dynamic version of myself I’d known in my pre-children career and I didn’t know where to begin in getting that back.

With Jen, I felt heard, and validated, as a professional, but also as a working parent facing the inevitable demands of a career post-children – the childcare juggle, the impostor syndrome, and the guilt of wanting something for myself.

Something clicked after that first conversation, and I started thinking of myself differently. Talking to Jen gave me permission to want more from my career and taught me how to reconcile that desire with my commitment to my family. That freedom set me off on a journey which, a short while later, lead to a new job in a different sector. Those small interventions had a big impact. She was the voice in my head as I navigated a big change.


Jen has been life changing, she has helped me see a career rut as an opportunity, and colour in all the possibilities and actions to achieve my greatest ambitions in work and life. I recommend her highly!
Kiran Gupta

INGO Fundraising/Philanthropy manager

At a crossroads in my career, Jen helped me to think through my options and reflect on what I really wanted next, giving me achievable goals and the support to enable me to turn a potentially very negative experience into something positive and exciting.

Annabel Marks

Freelance Fundraising Consultant

It has been overwhelmingly worthwhile, helping me over one of the most difficult points of my career. I really liked your practical approach; using the more ‘pure’ coaching techniques, alongside useful and helpful strategies – including sharing a contact with me which directly supported me and increased my knowledge of the career path I have now taken. It felt like I was genuinely listened to and my concerns and my inner voice were taken very seriously, but at the same time positively challenged, enabling me to find a new perspective.
Lisa Reed

Combining freelancing with study for an MSc in social work

My session with Jen gave me a huge amount of clarity, confidence and positivity about my next career move. She helped me objectively assess my strengths and experience and work out what I truly wanted out of my work.

Becky Clarke

I found coaching with you particularly useful for examining the hierarchy of my own priorities for a career. This process meant I considered roles I had previously rejected (on grounds of morality, location or expectations about the type of work I’d be doing).

I enjoyed working with you and I felt that you were easy to talk to and totally non-judgemental. I have really enjoyed our time working together and I look forward to catching up in the future to help determine the next step(s) along the journey!

Jon Turpin

Former Teacher, now Management Consultant