If you’re a leader or manager who needs support so you can deliver your best work, or this sounds like someone in your team, you’re in the right place!

Working with busy leaders and managers I offer coaching which is energising, inspiring and practical. I help clients identify their strengths and what they need to focus on to build better relationships and have a greater impact. Focusing on boosting emotional intelligence, leaders come away with a broader suite of approaches to use to get the best out of their people, make great decisions, influence effectively and get the job done.

For CEOs and directors visit Executive Coaching to read more

For managers and senior specialists head to Leadership Coaching

And for all leaders and managers returning from maternity leave, this is the perfect opportunity for coaching to: re-engage you with your skills and talents so you come back feeling confident and resilient; work through what a balanced, sustainable work life now looks like for you; get to grips with what you’ve missed and what you really need to focus on to have an impact.

I also coach teams so they work better together, communicate more effectively and get better results. Visit my management development section to read more about that. 

Leading a team these days requires absolutely rock solid communication skills, the time and space to build strong relationships and the ability to influence at a distance. Coaching with me will provide build your, or your team member’s, confidence and creativity in all these areas, plus find me a leader who wouldn’t benefit from a critical friend, time to think strategically and support to process the awful bits! Coaching with me will do all this!

What my clients say

If you are looking for excellent coaching, then look no further. Jen has years of experience and great skills. I learnt much from her over the years. I recently introduced a new mentoring programme for young people at the organisation I work for and Jen’s great coaching tips and techniques all came back to mind and came in very useful!

Jo Rhodes-Jaio

What my clients say

It felt like I was genuinely listened to, and my inner voice was taken very seriously, but at the same time positively challenged, enabling me to find a new perspective

Lisa Reed

Combining studying for an Msc in social work and freelancing

I offer 6 month coaching packages priced at £1800 which includes an Emotions & Behaviours at Work diagnostic and full report, or 3 month coaching packages at £900. Both of these are discounted by 20% for charities and not for profits. Please email jennifer@mccannacoaching.co.uk to discuss the right coaching package for you or one of your team.

 For clients whose organisations are unable to support them financially I offer a very limited number of bookable one off one hour breakthrough coaching sessions priced at £99, which are on a first come first served basis. Booking details are here and please click here to read the terms & conditions for one hour breakthrough coaching sessions.