Download your free planning template and handy tips for creating an engaging team event

Got an off site team away day coming up? Know what you want to cover, but unsure how to make it engaging? Been to so many badly run team away days and want this one to be different?

Time is precious and the planning needed to make your team away day brilliant is possibly time you, or your team, don’t have. But someone has to do it, and this time that person is you. There’s no budget to bring someone in, so you’re going to do your best. You don’t want the team to go down the same rabbit holes, moaning about the same things that came up last time, you want this away day to be productive and fun.

And no human bingo, you definitely don’t want any human bingo.

So what to do?

Let me help you get ahead: download my free team away day planning tool today

My team away day planning template gives you:
  • A structure to plan your day that is clear and easy to use – you can edit direct into the document once you’ve downloaded it
  • Prompts to get you thinking about what you need each section to achieve and what you’ll need in order to do that
  • Top tips for making the day as engaging as possible

All in one editable PDF, hit download and it will be sent immediately to your inbox.

Top tip: What your colleagues want from an away day is likely different to what they wanted, or needed, pre 2020. Think: more time for connection and conversation and fewer Powerpoint presentations. My template will help you get ahead with your thinking, because I’m guessing lots of reflection time isn’t what you have at your disposal.

Jen McCanna talking with colleague

Hi, I’m Jen

I’ve been designing and delivering team days for nearly 15 years. I’ve helped teams make sense of complicated organisational strategies, I’ve designed days focusing on how we manage our energy as busy leaders and as members of a stretched team. I’ve run whole staff away days designed to enthuse and motivate everyone at all levels of an organisation.

When I’m not in front of teams, I’m delivering 1-1 leadership coaching to clients in organisations as diverse as the UK civil service, private healthcare, law firms, international development and small and medium-sized charities. I blend years of experience in pure coaching with EFT (or tapping), neuroscience and practical leadership tools.

You can read more about my 1-1 leadership coaching right here.


Thank you so much for your Away Day template. It gave me all the practical things to think about as well as the questions to inspire the shape, flow and feel of the event.

I used the exact document and filled in the blanks, took out what wasn’t relevant and added in my creative elements. It was absolutely perfect! Honestly, I was pretty terrified when I started the whole planning process but I went in feeling confident and excited about our conversations. And it was utterly brilliant! I’m so excited about the future direction that this day inspired! Thank YOU!!!
Polly Ives
Founder/Creative Director, Concerteenies
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I had the pleasure of working with Jen and her colleague Lucy for our first full team away day following the pandemic. They worked closely with our head of department to create a day which was people-centred, comfortable and fun. The day was well planned and included a wide range of exercises and activities to help us build relationships and get creative. Unlike many away days I’ve been on, this really focused on the people and relationships needed to help our team deliver its goals. I would highly recommend working with Lucy and Jen.
Christian Aid
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Jen impressed from the outset, spending time with us to develop a session tailored to our needs. And, when it came to the day, the delivery was excellent, ensuring that the afternoon was enjoyable and engaging and not just another corporate team building activity.
Tristan Firth
Development Director, Carveti Group
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