Are you feeling overwhelmed? Can’t shake the jetlag of exhaustion from the last two years? Do you wake up feeling tired? And when you log into work, do you doubt your decisions?

Are you fed up of carrying around the ghosts of old managers who made you feel cr*p?

Would you like to glide into the next big meeting or interview knowing you’ve got this? Owning your expertise, your strengths and believing in yourself?

I’ve had rubbish confidence sapping jobs before, that left me feeling drained and de-skilled. And I know from my client work that doing a challenging role in a pandemic is off the scale in terms of the burden it places on you. Where does that emotion go? We carry it round with us and it drags us down, and if it’s not processed, it makes us ill.

So, quite simply, I’d like to help you feel lighter, calmer and more yourself.

For every Monday evening in June I’m hosting the opportunity to spring clean those stresses to make room for you again. We’ll lift up the sofa and hoover up the rubbish. We’ll look under the bed and gently and kindly dust the old shoe boxes and throw away what is no longer serving you well (with a damp cloth, as my mum always says, so the dust doesn’t resettle!)

You’ll feel less weighed down, like there’s more space.

This is what we’ll be focusing on:

Week 1 – Monday 6 June 8pm UK

Taking a deep breath and loosening up some of that overwhelm from the last 2 years, blowing away the cobwebs so we can see things clearly.


Week 2 – Monday 13 June 8pm UK

Everyone has someone at work who they find challenging. That is life, because we all have different personality preferences, priorities, values. It would be a miracle if it all went smoothly all the time. The difficult relationships can make work miserable. In this session we’ll tap to release the emotion associated with the time they said THAT in that AWFUL meeting and the rest. Oooh – let’s get the hoover out.


Week 3 – Monday 20 June 8pm UK

Right, now we get to the beliefs you’re holding about what you’re capable of at work. Some of them won’t be serving you very well, so let’s let them go and start replacing them with something more useful. The EFT equivalent of taking a load of Topshop heels or nasty polyester gym kit to the charity shop because it isn’t who you are anymore.


Week 4 – Monday 27 June 8pm UK

Got something big coming up? A meeting, presentation or interview? Whatever the next big thing is, let’s step into you owning that space. We’ll build on your new calm and helpful beliefs to really apply them to whatever you have on the horizon.


Your spring clean is done, you’re feeling calm, light and even a bit sparkly. And you’ve done enough EFT now to understand how it works and to add it to your own toolbox of techniques to keep you feeling that way, even when the dust starts to creep in.

As part of the spring clean I’ll give you access to a small but growing online library of EFT taps and visualisations you can access whenever you need it, from 5 minute boosts ahead of a big meeting to winding down after a long week.

Can’t make one of the sessions? Don’t worry – they’ll all be recorded and available to watch at your leisure until the end of July.


What is EFT?

EFT is the process of tapping on acupressure points (or meridian points) whilst talking or thinking through any unprocessed emotions which are still impacting our lives. Research shows that tapping on these points increases endorphins and reduces the stress hormone which feels good and sends a calming message to the brain.

Why not just tap? Why talk too? This is the science bit: by revisiting the emotions whilst we are in this calm state, we are retraining our brain to switch off the stress response in response to this particular issue.

This is what my 1-1 clients say when we do EFT together:

“I went into the EFT session not knowing what to expect, but I was so anxious that I thought there was nothing to lose by giving it a try. I was blown away by the result. Within a few hours after our session the anxiety was gone and once again I felt calm, confident and creative. It was incredible how quickly my mindset and emotions shifted. I would definitely do these sessions again and recommend it to anyone who is willing to listen!”


How does that work in a group setting?

Please don’t worry about sharing your deepest emotions with a bunch of strangers – you won’t have to. EFT in a group works like a guided visualisation – from all my client work I know what comes up time and time again and I have created powerful tapping scripts which talk to those feelings. All I’ll ask for from you is some one word prompts in the chat box – what’s the emotion, how intense it on a scale of 1-10 and so on. And even that is optional! No break out rooms, no sharing, but all the support in a warm online space held by me and supported by my assistant, the lovely Joanna.

The Work Stress Spring Clean is a pilot, so I’m offering it at a pilot price and I’ll be asking you for feedback to help me develop it more.

It costs £140 and for that you get:

✔️ 4 live workshops, every Monday in June, as above (they’ll be recorded if you can’t make one)

✔️ Access to the online library of taps and visualisations, with prompts from me when I add new resources in. You’ll have that forever, as long as it’s in existence!

Places are limited on this pilot, is one of them for you?

If yes, here’s the link to sign up right now:


If the idea of 1:1 EFT sessions appeals to you more, please send me an email here to enquire.