Performance Management

Performance Management

With dwindling resources and pressure to deliver, getting performance management right has never been so important.

Do your employees know how they are performing? What would help them perform better? What’s holding them back? Trends are shifting away from a structured annual review process towards a more continual feedback and improvement cycle, but that may not suit every organisation.

I can work with you to:

  • Design a performance management structure which works for you
  • Support your individuals to develop the skills they need to get the most from a performance review, such as giving and receiving written or verbal feedback, setting objectives and career planning.
  • Set up 360 feedback processes and support individuals and managers to get the most from these tools.
  • Provide 1-1 coaching for managers to support them to manage the performance of their teams
  • Provide 1-1 coaching for employees who are struggling to perform in their role

I work with Bowland Solutions, expert in designing, hosting and supporting performance management systems, for small to large organisations. If you also need software to support your performance management processes, I work together with the team at Bowland Solutions to provide both the processes and systems and the support and training that your organisation needs.

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