I am passionate about the role of managers in organisational life. An effective manager enables strong performance in their teams, and an ineffective manager can lead to a de-motivated, disengaged workforce. I have significant experience in working with managers at all stages of their journey: with new managers to equip them with the tools to play that role effectively and confidently and with experienced managers wanting to develop their skill set or who are faced with new challenges, or promotion into more senior roles.

I can support through:

  • Bespoke management development workshops, from one-hour lunchtime sessions to blended learning programmes which span several months
  • Facilitation of action learning sets or reflective practice groups
  • 1-1 coaching either face to face or via Skype

Do read this case study of a management development programme I designed and delivered for managers in 13 different countries which I delivered entirely virtually. I have also designed and delivered blended programmes, incorporating webinars and face to face workshops, and interventions which are entirely face to face learning.

I will work with you to design learning interventions which fit your organisation’s needs, budgets and time restraints, so that you can respond flexibly to the learning needs of your managers.

Is management development what you need? I also offer team coaching for operational teams and management teams.

‘Early in my managment career I participated in Jen’s excellent new manager workshop. As part of the follow up, she offered a course of coaching sessions. We started these sessions focusing on conflict within my team. Soon after we started working together, an opportunity came up to manage my team of 6.  Jen worked with me to explore the opportunity, my motivation and also my capabilities. This really gave me the confidence to go for the role and succeed in managing the team. I honestly don’t think I would have gained the confidence to pursue the opportunity without Jen’s coaching support.’

You can read more about Jude’s story, including her reflections on coaching with Jen here.

Jude Sadler

Head of Research and Project Information, Action Aid

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