“I now have my own ways to help me prepare for work situations I would normally feel out-of-my-depth in”

Managing a team, whether you’re a CEO or a first line manager, is a challenging role, there are decisions to make, colleagues to build relationships with, and work to deliver in a world that is constantly changing. It can be stressful to be stuck in the middle, your work life balance disappearing under all the emails, potentially leaving you low in confidence and full of self-doubt.

Would you like to develop the resources you need to deliver your best work in spite of all this? Would you like to ditch imposter syndrome and meet challenges with confidence and resilience? Build up your own bespoke leadership tool kit that you can call upon to think through strategies and approaches? In our coaching I focus on overcoming blocks and challenges through listening, powerful questions, and sharing incredibly practical tools and exercises which will build your self-awareness and your skills so you’re nailing your current role and are ready for the next one.

If you’ve just moved to a more senior role, gained a challenging new project or team, or are navigating a career change or transition such as returning to work after parental leave. leadership coaching can help you navigate all those challenges.

Coaching programmes usually include six 90-minute coaching sessions plus email access to me throughout. We’ll start by setting some goals and will regularly review them to check we’re on track. We’ll evaluate the programme fully at the end and a plan for ‘what next?’. Drop me an email today to discuss how you’re feeling about your work, and how coaching can help you create the work life you want.

You may like to listen to this interview where I speak to Beth Crackles about leadership coaching, for her podcast series Cracking Charity Chat:

Are you looking for a coach for one of your team? 

If so, please get in touch for a chat.  It is important that if you’re funding the coaching, you have input into its focus and how it will be evaluated. As standard I offer a 3-way conversation at the start of every coaching programme to include you, the line manager or HR Business partner. This ensures you have the opportunity to fully support your team member by inputting into the objectives we focus on during the programme. We also discuss organisational tools you may have, such as 360 feedback processes which can add value.

Whilst we’re here….

I am an accredited facilitator of the EBW (Emotions & Behaviours at Work) diagnostic. This is apowerful tool which enables individuals to see how they typically work within a range of key competencies known to be indicators of successful leaders. I have used this very effectively with clients new into senior roles, where they are required to behave in new & different ways in order to deliver, and where they may need to build upon existing competencies. You can read more about the model here

Jen’s coaching has particularly helped me understand my management and leadership style and have the confidence to stay true to it. She’s also supported me in making difficult decisions and her coaching enables me to come up with practical steps to overcome challenges.

Jude Sadler

Head of Research and Project Information, Action Aid

I’d never had any kind of coaching before, and am not someone who likes talking about myself. But Jen worked wonders just by helping me work through the things I knew or sort-of knew already, and working out solutions that suit me. I now have my own ways to help me prepare for work situations I would normally feel out-of-my-depth in, like senior meetings and public speaking at events. I know these will never be the easiest thing for me to do, or the bits I enjoy the most, but I know I can do them.

Fiona Magor

Supporter Engagement and Legacies Manager, VSO

I have turned to Jen at various points in my career and she has always responded with unwavering support delivered in a way that has enabled me to help myself and become a much more resilient professional.

Jenny Fernando

Director of Finance & Resources, Breast Cancer Care

Working with Jen as my coach has made an incredible difference in both my personal life and career.  Before I was a sceptic about the value of personal coaching but now, I am a convert and recommend Jen to my friends.


Country Director

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