From Zoom to Zen

Move past work overwhelm and find some calm, using EFT, with me Jennifer McCanna, leadership coach and EFT practitioner

Monday 16 23 May 8-9pm UK time

From Zoom to Zen on 16 May is now full, so Jen will be running this again on Monday 23rd May at 8pm. By signing up here you are signing up to the 23rd May date. If you cannot do this date but desperately want to join on 16th please contact



What’s this workshop all about?


After two full-on years of dealing with crises, saying yes to all the projects so the organisation stays afloat, supporting team members who are struggling, some who are off, some who are burning out, some who are creating mischief, it’s all adding up to many leaders and managers who feel DONE.


Tired. Sad. Maybe angry. Even resentful.


Resentment around having to handle so much stuff.


Angry about a situation in which you are being asked to do a job that feels impossible and neverending. And we all have stress containers which are finite in their capacity.


Having big feelings about what you’re being asked to deal with and deliver right now is normal. And where do those feelings go?


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), or tapping, is a powerful tool that combines tapping on acupressure points whilst talking, or thinking, through your emotional response to a situation or memory. It takes the edge off, enabling you to move past the intense emotions into calm, resourcefulness and confidence.


I’ve been using EFT myself for two decades, and late last year qualified to use it with my clients, and I’ve had some amazing results, like this one:


‘I wasn’t sure that the EFT would work, but I honestly cannot tell you what a positive difference it made – immediate and lasting. I felt able to explain a really difficult situation without worrying about judgment, and I felt my body relax, and I felt like I was really able to move past it.’


Now you can experience EFT, alongside some neuroscience and a powerful visualisation exercise, to process your feelings of overwhelm, leaving you feeling equipped for the week and month ahead.


Don’t feel like sharing your emotions with a group of strangers on Zoom? Don’t worry – you won’t have to! This workshop will be structured so you follow my prompts to think through what is bothering you, as we tap together. You won’t need to share any details with anyone else, and you can even attend with your camera off if you like.


Could you use an injection of calm? Someone to help you tap away the stress?


I thought so! See you there!