Executive Coaching

Being a CEO or director can be lonely and even isolating. Your decision making is highly visible and with that comes a lot of pressure. Even with a supportive senior management team around you, you can feel like there’s no confidential space to talk through issues, formulate strategies and problem-solve.

Executive coaching gives you exactly that space. As a coach I am your critical friend, a trusted confidant who will not just listen, but help you find the resources to navigate the complexity of your work life. You’ll leave each coaching session feeling heard, supported and energised.

Our coaching can include an Emotions and Behaviours at Work (EBW) diagnostic, which is a fantastic tool for stretching your leadership strengths and giving you new approaches to lead effectively, using your energy where it will have the most impact.

Contact me to tell me about the shift you’d like to see, and how as an executive coach, I can support you.

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What my clients say

Working with Jen as my coach has made an incredible difference in both my personal life and career.  Before I was a sceptic about the value of personal coaching but now, I am a convert and recommend Jen to my friends.


Country Director

What my clients say

I have turned to Jen at various points in my career and she has always responded with unwavering support delivered in a way that has enabled me to help myself and become a much more resilient professional.

Jenny Fernando

Director of Finance & Resources, Breast Cancer Care

Coaching has helped me focus on key organisational challenges that I need to respond to, and how best to mobilise my resources and influence to support change. At the same time it has helped me to reflect on my own personal and professional journey, and the kind of role/s I should be playing both now and in the future. I’ve found it an invaluable source of insight, peer support, and reflection – and I know it has improved my performance as a leader and manager.
Patrick Proctor

Regional Director, VSO