Looking for a simple one pager of my services to show a colleague?

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Please get in touch to arrange a chat to discuss how I can help. I love to talk about coaching and developing leaders so there’s no charge for this initial conversation.

If you’re looking to set up some coaching for yourself or someone in your team, it’s a good idea to speak to more than one potential coach, as getting that relationship right is really so important to the success of the coaching programme.

If I don’t think I’m the right coach for you, I’ll happily refer to you to someone who I think can help you better. My email is jennifer@mccannacoaching.co.uk (PS If you prefer to call right away, or just don’t like email, you can get me on 07740 949076!)

Kind Words

Jennifer balances perfectly a friendliness which puts everyone at ease with a focus on the task at hand which ensures things get done.

Brendan Walsh

Managing Director, Bowland Solutions

Kind Words

It has been useful to identify things which were holding me back and to have dedicated time to talk them through, one to one, with someone you can really push me to question things.

Catherine Mailhac

Consultant, culture and heritage sector