Coaching case study

Jude’s story

How did you start working with Jen?

I started working with Jen when I was a new manager with one line report.  I participated in her excellent new manager workshop. As part of the follow up, she offered a course of coaching sessions. We started these sessions focusing on conflict within my team. Little did either of us know that this would develop into coaching to enable me to act up and manage my whole team of 6. Soon after we started working together, an opportunity came up to manage my team.  Jen worked with me to explore the opportunity, my motivation and also my capabilities. This really gave me the confidence to go for the role and succeed in managing the team. I honestly don’t think I would have gained the confidence to pursue the opportunity without Jen’s coaching support.

How has she supported you since then?

I’ve been working with Jen now for over 4 years. she’s coached me at critical points in my career from specific challenges in my management roles (one particularly challenging restructure) as well as supporting me through further promotions and progression. Jen’s coaching has particularly helped me understand my management and leadership style and have the confidence to stay true to it. She’s also supported me in making difficult decisions and her coaching enables me to come up with practical steps to overcome challenges.

How would you describe Jen’s coaching style?

Jen is incredibly encouraging, dedicated and supportive.  Our sessions are focused and each have clear objectives agreed at the start. she expertly explores all angles with me and enables me to uncover perspectives that I may have missed. She follows up with conclusions and practical steps to take. She also points me in the direction of further support and articles.


Jen is the first person I call on when I’m facing a significant challenge or change in my career. This year alone, she has coached me in going from managing a team of 6 to managing a multi-functional team of 22. She’s been there every step of my leadership journey and has really enabled me to perform to the best of my ability.

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