“Having a patient, intelligent, balanced, non-judgemental, coach like Jen to question, un-pack and guide me through has been brilliant.”

Career Coaching

Are you feeling stuck? Maybe you’re unsure about your next career move? You might have been made unexpectedly redundant and are feeling low on confidence and direction. Or maybe you went for a job and didn’t get it and it’s caused you to have a re-think. I’ve been in all those situations – I’ve supported a team through redundancy and been made redundant myself. I’ve made great career moves and less good ones. I know how draining and demoralising it can feel.

But I also know there is a way, with expert career coaching support, that you can feel creative and excited about your career again, where you come away feeling pro-active, energised and with a plan! ‘I feel like a big weight has been lifted‘ and ‘I’m excited about the future’ are phrases I often hear from career coaching clients.

Career coaching with me will help you see the possibilities out there for you, whether that’s the next step within your chosen field, or a complete change. Career coaching will build your awareness of your strengths and skills, help identify what you want and where you want to do it. Then together we’ll create a plan for how you can go out and get it!

I typically work with clients who already have a career,  often in middle management, and are looking with help identifying and getting a role or work life that they really want, or simply some coaching to shine in that important interview. This isn’t career guidance where you’ll be provided with a list of ‘suitable jobs’ for you to research, this is a powerful dive into your strengths, your mindset and your passions. In coaching, unlike mentoring, you already have the answers, and together we will uncover them.


Are you ready for a change?

Do read the case study of Jon, a client who started working with me when he was a maths teacher, and who is now doing something entirely different.

My career coaching packages include coaching sessions lasting 90 minutes, access to powerful tools to help you understand your drivers and strengths and email access to me throughout the programme. Get in touch using the form below to tell me how you’re feeling about your work, and let’s chat about how coaching can help.


You may be interested in my blog posts about  decision-making during periods of change and this post featuring 5 exercises to transform how you think about your next career move.


It has been overwhelmingly worthwhile, helping me over one of the most difficult points of my career. I really liked your practical approach; using the more ‘pure’ coaching techniques, alongside useful and helpful strategies – including sharing a contact with me which directly supported me and increased my knowledge of the career path I have now taken. It felt like I was genuinely listened to and my concerns and my inner voice were taken very seriously, but at the same time positively challenged, enabling me to find a new perspective.
Lisa Reed

Combining freelancing with study for an MSc in social work

Jen is really approachable and friendly and made me feel at ease straight away. Talking about your career and your successes/failures/weaknesses can make you feel quite vulnerable and I felt happy to talk all these things through with Jen.  She was excellent at making me reflect on what I had achieved to help develop my confidence and also gave me clear tangible next step actions to help develop my work readiness for a future job.
Sam Killick

Jen helped me transition across sectors and supported me in understanding what I really wanted, and putting difficult work experiences behind me. I’d recommend her thoroughly.
Susie Heale

I definitely feel a change within myself and feel like I am steering the direction I am on rather than being a passenger.

happy career transformation client

Jen has been life changing, she has helped me see a career rut as an opportunity, and colour in all the possibilities and actions to achieve my greatest ambitions in work and life. I recommend her highly!


Kiran Gupta

INGO Fundraising/philanthropy manager

‘Early in my managment career I participated in Jen’s excellent new manager workshop. As part of the follow up, she offered a course of coaching sessions. We started these sessions focusing on conflict within my team. Soon after we started working together, an opportunity came up to manage my team of 6.  Jen worked with me to explore the opportunity, my motivation and also my capabilities. This really gave me the confidence to go for the role and succeed in managing the team. I honestly don’t think I would have gained the confidence to pursue the opportunity without Jen’s coaching support.’

You can read more about Jude’s story, including her reflections on coaching with Jen here.

Jude Sadler

Head of Research and Project Information, Action Aid

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