Team coaching

Team coaching

Team coaching helps your team focus on success by exploring team dynamics, priorities, values and commitments. Team coaching may involve an element of team building, but will go much deeper into what is going on in your team right now, working with each member to create the work environment and outcomes that they, and you, want.

As a skilled team coach I will work with your team over a period of time. We might typically focus on:

  • helping us understand the individuals in the team
  • exploring values and beliefs of the team
  • creating a team vision
  • agreeing some team commitments.

Few teams operate in isolation so I also do work around stakeholder engagement as a team.

It is usually most productive to have all members of the team present in the room but not always possible. I have designed team coaching programmes for dispersed teams where everyone has dialled in from their different locations around the globe.

I design a team coaching programme following consultation with the team leader and other appropriate stakeholders, taking into account your team and organisational objectives and priorities, as well as any budget and time commitments.

I also design and deliver management development programmes for small or large groups and can design bespoke workshops or team away days, depending on your objectives and agenda.

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Listening and giving feedback are two key skills for working effectively in a team, whether the team is operational or brought together to manage or leader an organisation. You may like these two blog posts focusing on these subjects: Giving Feedback is hard to do and In Praise of Listening

Jen held a series of remote team coaching sessions for our international finance group.  The sessions were prepared in advance with not too much additional burden on the participants. Jen was able to facilitate through some challenging parts to enable a more open discussion, creating a safe space for the issues to arise and be addressed. Her style is very calm and genuine so it puts others at ease, and she really listens to the points that people are raising. The end product is a team that is committed to working better together.

Maria O'Brien

Head of Global Finance, International Development charity