Returning to work after parental leave

Becoming a parent for the first, second or fifth time, is a life changing event. Our lives change both on a practical level and on an emotional level. Our values continually shift as we constantly re-prioritise according to the needs of both our family and our professional lives.

I’ve returned to work after maternity leave twice. I understand how terrifying it can be both to work out what kind of role will work for you and your family, and to then re-engage with your ‘work skills’ so you can present a confident, rather than exhausted, version of yourself when it really matters.

I work with clients as they navigate all this, sometimes after a year away, sometimes after many years away, from the work place. Some are going back into existing job roles, some are creating new careers for themselves to fit with their new family commitments and some are going back to study, but all of them are dealing with the juggling act of being a parent alongside all the usual work challenges that might come up in our coaching conversations.

I work with clients in a private capacity or can be employed by your organisation to provide a series of coaching sessions to help you transition back to the workplace after maternity, or paternity leave.

If there is a group of you just returned back from maternity leave, or due to return, I can provide group coaching or workshops to help you think through some of the common challenges involved when returning to work. This might focus on: how have my values changed? How can I continue to be fulfilled at work and be the parent I want to be? What’s important to me now? What practical support can I access? What do I want for myself and my career/family?

To get an idea about how I might work with you, why not visit my blog? This post is about the expectations we put on ourselves and how to manage that. You may be interested in this blog post about listening to advice (or not!) – it was written whilst I was on maternity leave with my eldest child.

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