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Do you work for a charity and are at a career crossroads? Are you frustrated by a lack of clear career path or access to professional development? Are you trying to crack into a particular sector, for example international development? Or are you returning from an overseas role wondering what’s here for you in the UK?

Maybe you want to move in, or out of, the charity sector but aren’t sure how? 

You may be ready to move into senior management but are struggling to market yourself well at interview. Or, you may be at risk of redundancy and worrying about what comes next? 

Working in partnership with me, my career transformation clients get amazing results.If you’d like to read more about what coaching with me can be like, read this interview with Jon, who came to me as an unhappy maths teacher and is now thriving as a management consultant. I am committed to getting you results which is why I offer a package rather my time by the hour. I know this package works, if you’re willing to put the work in.

Silver Package:

  • 3 focused 90 minute coaching sessions by Skype where through self discovery we will work out what you want and what you need to truly transform your career. Then we’ll work out you go out and get it.
  • Bespoke programme of exercises for you to do in between times to help to figure out what you want and crucially what move is going to work for you
  • Thorough CV MOT so you’re selling yourself effectively
  • Access to my extensive charity networks – if I know someone who can help, I’ll introduce you!
  • Support in between sessions – got an interview coming up but no coaching session in the diary? We’ll schedule in 30 mins to ensure you feel completely prepared.

If you were to purchase the above from me at my hourly rate it would cost upwards of £900. Because I know what it’s like trying to access this kind of support on a charity salary I offer this to clients already working for a charity, public body, social enterprise or not for profit (or recently out of work following a role in this sector), for £375, payable up front or in monthly instalments over 3 months. If you want follow up sessions I offer these at a discounted rate.

Upgrade to the gold package: Want a 6 month programme including 6 coaching sessions? You get all of the above, plus three extra sessions enabling us to go deeper into what drives and motivates you, the environments in which you’ll thrive and overcoming beliefs which may be holding you back. Transform your career for £690 (or £115 per month over 6 months!) Would you pay that for a fulfilling work life?

Use the contact form to get in touch today and we can arrange a free, no obligation, 45 minute chemistry meeting to see if I’m the right coach for you!

Jen helped me right at the very start of my career. I moved to London, was in my first proper job with no real direction on what I wanted to do with my professional life. After just a few structured conversations with Jen, we talked about my options and opened up the possibilities for my future. I’d always liked volunteering in disability sport but never really saw it as a career option. So we started having more focussed discussions on making this a possibility. About 6 years down the line, I’m now in my second role in disability sport! I owe Jen a lot for her guidance, support and coaching on my journey and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone going through change, looking for a new direction or in need of some coaching. Steve McFadyen

Steve McFadyen

career coaching client

‘I think what you’ve done is guide me through a practice interview without me really realising it. A big thank you for all your help.’


Fundraising Manager

‘Jen is the first person I call on when I’m facing a significant challenge or change in my career. This year alone, she has coached me in going from managing a team of 6 to managing a multi-functional team of 22. She’s been there every step of my leadership journey’



Head of team within an international development charity

‘I definitely feel a change within myself and feel like I am steering the direction I am on rather than being a passenger.


happy career transformation client

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