Change Support

Change is constant…

…at least that’s how it feels within our organisations today. In an ever-changing context, frequent restructures, re-brands and shifts in organisational goals are the new normal. With pressure from funders, and changes in client or beneficiary needs, it is no wonder that employees feel the strain of working with so much change.

I work with individuals and teams to find a way to navigate this environment and feel comfortable and confident to operate within a climate of ambiguity. This could take the form of a series of lunchtime workshops with teams to explore our reactions to change as well as practical coping strategies. It could include 1-1 coaching for those facing redundancy or who are leading teams through that process. It could include workshops to build on practical skills for employees to help them feel equipped to deal with change, such as career planning and interview skills.

I work with clients, team leaders or HR teams to design programmes that fit with your organisational needs and budgets. I offer support so that your teams can continue to deliver effectively within a challenging context.

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Following a period of organisational change, Jen held a series of remote team coaching sessions for our international finance group.  The sessions were prepared in advance with not too much additional burden on the participants. Jen was able to facilitate through some challenging parts to enable a more open discussion, creating a safe space for the issues to arise and be addressed. Her style is very calm and genuine so it puts others at ease, and she really listens to the points that people are raising. The end product is a team that is committed to working better together.

Maria O'Brien

Global Head of Finance, international development charity