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It is no longer the norm to settle into a job in our early twenties and stay put until we retire. Most of us will have several job changes during our working life and many of us will completely change the direction of our career at least once. Change in the workplace, often accompanied by restructure, is increasingly common as organisations flex to respond to an ever-changing world.

There are many possible catalysts for a personal change of direction and a review of what’s important to us in our working lives – redundancy, return to work after maternity or paternity leave, or simply ending up in the wrong role. In addition, as we gain further work and life experience, we are not the same person we were when we first started out in our career. Our priorities change and so we change our career to respond to this and ensure we stay engaged and motivated with the part of our life devoted to work.

Coaching with me gets results – I have built up a huge bank of experience working with clients who want to make the most of the career they have, get to the next stage of their chosen path, or want a complete change and have no idea where that will take them.

Career Transformation

Do read the case study of Jon, a client who started working with me when he was a maths teacher, and who is now doing something entirely different.

I offer packages which will include some or all of the below:

  • skype or face to face coaching sessions lasting 90 minutes where we explore what drives you, your values, your vision for how you want your life to be, and then break that down into realistic objectives which I will support you to achieve.
  • Exercises for you to undertake between sessions including seeking feedback from colleagues, all designed to help you best understand your strengths, preferences and how to market yourself
  • A thorough CV MOT to ensure you’re selling yourself in the best way possible.
  • Interview skills training and practice so you’re 100% prepared when the time comes.

Why not book a chemistry meeting with me today so we can discuss whether I’m the right coach for you, and a bespoke coaching package for you would look like.

Stop Press: Do you work for a charity? I now have a special package for those working in the charity sector which includes all of the above and access to my charity networks – if I know someone who might be able to help – I’ll put you in touch.


If you are interested solely in CV and interview support, please click here for information about the bespoke services I offer.

You may be interested in my blog posts about coping with change and decision-making during periods of change and in this post I ask ‘is a career plan helpful, or not?’

Please use the contact form below to get in touch about my Career Transformation packages, so we can make a start on your next move!

Jen helped me transition across sectors and supported me in understanding what I really wanted, and putting difficult work experiences behind me. I’d recommend her thoroughly. Susie – career coaching client

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