Career Coaching

Are you feeling stuck? Career coaching with me will help you see the possibilities out there for you, whether that’s the next step up the ladder, or a complete change. Career coaching will help identify what you want, and then together we’ll create a plan for how you can go out and get it.

Coaching with me gets results. I have extensive experience working with clients who want anything from help moving into a senior management position, to a complete change of direction, to some interview preparation support.

And I’ve experienced career challenges too: I was made redundant, I’ve been in jobs I’ve really not thrived in, and those I have. I’ve changed career, I’ve returned to work after maternity leave and I’ve set up my own business. My personal experience helps me help people like you thrive during change, whether it’s change of your own making or change which has been thrust upon you.

I offer reduced rates to private clients to ensure you can access this support, and because I love working with motivated clients who are committed to making a change.

Are you looking for a complete transformation?

Do read the case study of Jon, a client who started working with me when he was a maths teacher, and who is now doing something entirely different.

I offer packages which will include some or all of the below:

  • skype or face to face coaching sessions lasting 90 minutes where we explore what drives you, your values, your vision for how you want your life to be, and then break that down into realistic objectives which I will support you to achieve.
  • Exercises and diagnostic tools for you to undertake between sessions including seeking feedback from colleagues, all designed to help you best understand your strengths, preferences and how to market yourself
  • A thorough CV MOT to ensure you’re selling yourself in the best way possible.
  • Interview skills training and practice so you’re 100% prepared when the time comes.

Use the form below to get in touch to arrange an initial chat, at no charge, so we can discuss what success looks like for you.


In this short video Steve talks about how coaching with me helped him identify the sector he wanted to work in, and gave him the tools to go and get the job of his dreams!

If you are interested solely in CV and interview support, please click here for information about the bespoke services I offer.

You may be interested in my blog posts about  decision-making during periods of change and this post featuring 5 exercises to transform how you think about your next career move.

Please use the contact form below to get in touch about my Career Transformation packages, so we can make a start on your next move!

At a crossroads in my career, Jen helped me to think through my options and reflect on what I really wanted next, giving me achievable goals and the support to enable me to turn a potentially very negative experience into something positive and exciting.

Annabel Marks, Freelance Fundraising Consultant

It has been overwhelmingly worthwhile, helping me over one of the most difficult points of my career. I really liked your practical approach; using the more ‘pure’ coaching techniques, alongside useful and helpful strategies – including sharing a contact with me which directly supported me and increased my knowledge of the career path I have now taken. It felt like I was genuinely listened to and my concerns and my inner voice were taken very seriously, but at the same time positively challenged, enabling me to find a new perspective.

Lisa Reed

Combining freelancing with study for an MSc in social work

Jen helped me transition across sectors and supported me in understanding what I really wanted, and putting difficult work experiences behind me. I’d recommend her thoroughly.

Susie Heale

‘I definitely feel a change within myself and feel like I am steering the direction I am on rather than being a passenger.


happy career transformation client

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