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I’m an ICF accredited leadership coach providing excellence in executive, team and career coaching and workshop facilitation. I help people perform better at work by quickly getting to the crux of individual or team challenges, then supporting clients to find solutions that bring impact for themselves and their organisation. Get in touch – together we can achieve genuine, sustainable results.


‘Working with Jen is always a combination of fun and purpose. I find we achieve a lot, and yet time flies as we’re also enjoying working together, co-creating solutions and turning ideas into action. Jen achieves this through strengths in both her mind set and her skill set – and I admire leaders who have, and know how to apply, both. As  a coach, Jen gives clients the chance to think and also encourages them to act, and flexes her style depending on her client. A pleasure to work with , and someone I’d endorse strongly”

Bob Hughes

CEO, The Forton Group

Jennifer balances perfectly a friendliness which puts everyone at ease with a focus on the task at hand which ensures things get done’

Brendan Walsh

Managing Director, Bowland Solutions